The weekend that wasn't, the wonders of digital cable, and a few close encounters with pseudo-celebs

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It's really incredible just how much baseball you can watch in a 72-hour span on digital cable if you really put your mind to it. I watched games this weekend that I don't even care about, just this morning I watched almost three full innings of the Cardinals and the Reds before I stopped to ask myself "why do I care about this?" Then I tried to rationalize it by saying "well, I'm rooting for the Cubs in the NL Central, and the Cubs are a game behind the Cardinals, so I kinda care, because I want the Cards to lose," but that didn't even convince me, so I turned the channel to...Cubs vs. Brewers. Yeah, this is my holiday weekend, folks. I even watched half a game of minor league baseball, just to feel well-rounded. It was great, though, I caught up on sleep, drank a little, not to get drunk, just because I was home and doing nothing and I can. Sometimes nonexistant weekends are the best kinds.
Also, I went to the Twins game tonight (I know, more stupid baseball talk, just hang on, there's a story to it), cuz my roommate had bitchin' tickets from her work, and as it turned out, I sat two rows directly in front of the governor of Minnesota. Heheh, we had better seats than the governor, how fuckin' cool is that? I also saw Wally the Beer Man at the Dome (if you're not from here, you just won't get it), actually selling beer. I didn't even know he was still alive...I think seeing Wally was even cooler than seeing the governor. I'm not a Republican, but I am a beer drinker.
That's my weekend. Ta for now...