Too Sheltered

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WOOT! Our team (Jen, Mr. Strong and I) won a game today. I think it was just one...maybe more. We practiced different ways to hit the ball (I forget all of the names) and serving. I still suck at serving. But I did better. Yay!

I saw Sarah today. She's pressing charges against that guy, and she seems to be doing okay.

In school this year there was gay marriage stuff put up in the hallway, and they had polls and stuff and most people had voted against gay marriages. Which doesn't surprise me...I've gotten used to the hatred more since I came out to my Mom, sister, and friends. Everyone in school thinks I'm a lesbian. Amanda asked Bambi and I if we were popular at school (like it even matters...) and of course we said no, but then Bambi felt the need to say "Olivia is the complete opposite". Gee, thanks! She wasn't trying to be mean, though. She's right. I am. I hate this town, practically everyone is against gay/bi-ness. They're all too god damn sheltered in my opinion. I've asked my little sister if she thinks being gay is gross and she said no, and she defends gay people a lot. So I can't help but feel happy whenever she does.