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Eh. Summer so far hadn't been so horrible, you know. It's been quite nice, actually. Usually I go to mexico and I have no way of talking to any of my friends. This year, however I get to stay in Houston. *dance* Ooh and on Saturday I'm going to the movies w/ a guy I used to like a LONG time ago... He told me he kinda liked over AIM. I didn't believe him, but that's okay. We're still friends (and I still don't believe him! hah.)

It's odd. For some reason everyone thinks that if a sexual minority writes about something, it must always have a sexual subtext. Somebody thought that 'Man's Crimes Against the Sacred Femenine' (I don't remember what I titled it on DeviantArt, heh.) was about ejaculation. How, in god's name, is a description of Mother Earth relevant to ejaculation? Oh well. That's what I get.