whew..what a relief!

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so for the last few days i couldnt get oasis to work and i was flipping cause i wanted to blog and oasis has practically become like a daily thing for me anyways now its working so its all good...funny thing is i have nothing to really blog about except im really really happy cause my rents are away and well its just awesome....

i also have sunburn..it hurts....and at work yesterday i made an ass of myself in front of the mysterious girl that im like infatuated with HAHAHAHA i laugh just thinking about it....

"hey is this..."" girl gives me puzzled look ..."no its a blah blah...." me- "oh i knew that" as i cringe within myself at how im such a nerd around her....*sighs"

oh im a dork...yes i am....MEHHHHH!

im actually laughing right now when i think of this event....yeah.....


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freaked me out too!

I KNOW! I thought Oasis was gone too! I couldn't get it to work and then 2 days ago I tried coming here and it said "Fatal Error..." I was thinking, whaaaaat the hell? This place is becoming part of my daily routine, hehe.

Things will change. I will change.
Ai ess aich ell ee why.

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Same here

Same here. I was like "fatal error"!!!!
Then it was back, and sighs of relief could be heard.

"All that we see or seem is but a dream within a dream."