Wolf And Snake

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Here's the story. Here's how it goes.
Mythological Adventures of Wolf #1

Wolf is like lonely. Looks for someone to talk to. No one is around but Snake. It's ALWAYS Snake. Wolf breaks down and talks to Snake. When Wolf isn't looking Snake bites Wolf in the F'ING leg. The traitor tells secret. Wolf plans Snake's untimely and painful demise.

So YEAH. I don't know if I should have just known, as in, I shot myself in the foot, or if I should blame him.

SO, here we go. So I was planning on getting holes put in my ears on Tuesday. I had it all planned out. I had to take my brother to some golf tournament and I was gonna get it done. Bampf! Easy as that. BUT NO. Everything has to go horribly wrong. Well it turns out the place wasn't open. So FINE. I'll make an appointment at this other place. On the ride home I rant about it to my brother. BIG mistake. So, they come home today, my mom and brother, I'm up here reading stuff on the internet, and I find out from him that he not only told her but my other brother too.

So now, I'm sitting up here, dreading going downstairs, but I'll have to 'cause I have to go to work in like an hour. AHH! Geez.

This is really pushing me to the limit. I'm stuck in the freaking LAND OF BLUE AND PINK and there is no escape.

I can't talk to anybody about what I want to talk too. Rage and anger.

I don't know I guess I should have known this would happen. I've tried to figure out ways to, you know, test the water. I'm trying to grow my hair out long. Lots of guys do that so I have an excuse. I figured the same would work with the ears. But how far can I take this...

Yeah mom... Pink hair is a perfectly acceptable hair color for guys, yeah know, way back, it was thought that pink was to strong of a color for girls to wear. Boys wore pink and girls blue.... It's not a skirt mom. It's a kilt... You said I was Irish. I'm just... immersing myself in my heritage or something... No mom... It's not a dress... It's a robe... A really stylish one.

I think I'm about to hit a wall. Hard.


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good luck...

...with the going downstairs thing. how much did you tell your little brother? and at least you have some warning of what's gonna happen, i've been caught completely outta the blue by stuff like that before, and it's not fun.. but the warning can be bad sometimes too. i hope it goes well for you.