A cynic's notebook.

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Well, this is my first online journal entry. I have always kept a personal journal. But, I never thought about keeping an online one. I would always tell myself no one would want to read about my life or lack thereof. Now I figure, what the hell?

I never know what to say, or in this case write. When I start talking about something I feel strongly about I can't shut up. When I am talking about myself I am meek. Another one of my quirks. I have many. I am sure everyone will enjoy reading about me and my many foibles.

I should tell you I am always open for a good debate. I hated my high school. No debate club. And the newspaper staff, which I was a headline writer of, wouldn't let me do anything above fluff pieces on human interest. They "didn't want controversy." Oppressive fascists. Anyway, I will try not to write too much about controversy. It just seems like everyone has different opinion on everything these days. I think everyone should voice their opinion and not be pushed onto the back burner to simmer to until they explode.

Well, I think that’s more than enough of me for the first time.

Later days.


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Hey there

First off, I need to get the welcome out of the way so welcome to Oasis. Great place we have going on here. I hope you like it as well. As for controversy, I agree with you. Controversy adds a little spice to life.

"All that we see or seem is but a dream within a dream."

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Hiya and welcome to Oasis! *hugs*