A "Normal" Weekend Plus Feminist Sexists

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This weekend was surprisingly decent.

Mom and I went to Mankato. I picked up a voice recorder to keep notes (so maybe these posts will become a bit more coherent) and to train my voice. So that makes me happy. The bookstore was fun too. Mutts is like my favorite comic so I had to get a Mutts book. While there, though, I saw two books on same-sex marriage. One for, another against. Really makes me wonder why a person would need a book on such a cut and dry issue... The Village was an interesting movie. Really twisty.

What I really want to talk about is an article I read in the newspaper. "Vatican says feminism push hurts families". This surprises me and yet it doesn't really. I'm kinda happy and kinda sad too. I never really understood why any self
respecting woman would ever follow such a religion. What with all the verses making women
out to be weaker and not to be trusted and all the rules oppressing women. Now, at least, they are admitting to there hate. Sort of. While it goes that they are against feminism, this one wretch goes as far as to say "The irony is that this document is, in some respect, a feminist document,". It's sick. "We are against feminism, but this document is feminist.", "We are better then women but we respect them.", "We don't want women to have the same rights, but we are on the same page as feminists.".

Has anyone else read about this?


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Out of context?

I too read this today and thought exactly the same until I read over it again. Take into consideration that the Catholic church holds the virgin Mary in high regard, second only to the holy trinity. Short of Matriarchy, this is a very good stance, especially if you consider the sexist climate that the early church formed in. Also, there are two types of feminist, as with animal welfare activists and anyone else gunning for a cause: the reasonable ones and the militant ones. I think, just imo, that the church is blaming the militant feminists - the ones who want a Matriarchy and outright Female surpremity - not the well meaning ones who want equal recognition of the value of both genders. In fact, I'm not quite sure why they're called feminists given that that implies a desire for female superiority which indeed would probably destructive to the "family".