about page?

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I haven't seen an about page yet on this site, explaining the hows and whys of this site. Adrian, I realize you're really busy, but is there some forum or journal entry that explains some of these things? Like, what led to the conception of this site? Is it really a magazine (you never know)? How does it stay up? Is it all just a server in Adrian's closet, secretly sharing time with his high speed internet connection (and space with his... stuff)?

I'm curious. Anyone?

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Back Issues

I know that there are back issues. If you click on the back issues tab at the top there, you can read some. I believe this was a magazine first, but I'm unsure. There was a post a bit back that explained how it all began...I don't know how to find it though.

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From the back issues

From the back issues, I'd say it was originally some sort of magazine started by youth.org, but that doesn't answer all my questions.

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That seemed so... obvious.

Thanks, Adrian!