Am i really good enough?

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I just got off the fone w/ my bf of 6 months and i still wonder what i did to deserve such a loving wonderful guy... i sometimes ask why he's with me or why he loves me because it just seems that theres always someone better... and prettier.. not to mention my mdium to low self esteem... i think im pretty and all but not wow 'em sexy and my bf's just flat out

Anyways.. the past few months with him have been the best months of my short life and i know that this romance will last forever.. ive never been with anyone like him before... i admit that ive been in love twice before.. once with my gf of a year and once i accidently fell for a fuck buddy.. (lmao)... my gf and my relationship lasted a while before i couldnt take it anymore with how bad she treated me (most of the time she ignored me or had something or sometimes someONE better to do)but with him i feel soo good.. he just fuckin makes it worth living cuz honestly if it werent for him, i probably wouldnt be alive today...

i just got back from alabama 2 days ago and i'd been living w/ him for almost two months... that whole thing made our realtionship stronger and usually when couples live together prematurely.. they tend to get sick of each othe... but not us.... i'm not sure who's reading this, but i needed to get all this shit out.... lol... sry



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Sounds like you two have a ve

Sounds like you two have a very stable and happy and healthy relationship. I'm glad. :) My sister is currently in a very bad relationship. So seeing and hearing about good relationships is nice. :) :D

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