An End To It All

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All I wanted to do was apologize to my ex for being a bitch the last time we talked. Of course, he was a total asshole. He said:

I have been thinking, and all the times you have ever apologized you never tell me why. So Olivia, why are you sorry? Are you sorry for not being able to corner me in a relationship or are you sorry because your a little tramp that dates a souls best friend and openly admit it? This next email from you decide if i respond to you. choose yor ill spoken words well, and try your best to use proper writing form. Below is the correct dramatical email you SHOULD have sent me.

Olivia wrote:
I know the last thing you want is to hear from me and sorry to bother you, I just think I owe you an apology. I cant get over yo and i want to make it work... so I'm sorry.

So, I've put an end to it once and for all. Here's what I wrote back to him before blocking his email address:

Actually, I've been over you for quite a while now. Obviously you're still not over yourself. I was apologizing for being a bitch to you the last time we talked. But I guess the real reason I'm sorry is this: I'm sorry for ever meeting you. I'm sorry for going out with you. I'm sorry for believing every word you said to me. I'm sorry for telling myself it was okay that you lied to me. I'm sorry for running back to you every time you hurt me. I'm sorry for crying over you. I'm sorry for every night I lay in bed wishing you were there beside me. I'm sorry I played along with your stupid childish games. I'm sorry I gave you so many chances. I'm sorry I tried to believe that you'd eventually grow up. I'm sorry for thinking that I loved you. I'm sorry for you.
And I'm grateful. I may have wasted a few years on your sorry ass, but it taught me something. It taught me that assholes like you don't deserve apologies. You never change. You pull the same shit over and over on everyone you meet. You taught me the true meaning of hate. You showed me how much you can really hurt a person by doing barely anything. You showed me everything that I never want in a relationship.
So, in the end, I just want to say thank you and go to hell.

I'm proud of myself! IT'S OVER!!!


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*applause* I think that was a great move to make! You are very strong I couldn't have done that


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Big smile

A big smile and a big hug to you! I'm happy for you. *does fake Carson voice from Queer Eye* You go, girrrrl!

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