are u "out"

43% (34 votes)
24% (19 votes)
other (explain)
34% (27 votes)
Total votes: 80


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kinda out....

Im out as bi... but I think Im more gay
So Im kinda out.

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almost out

i'm out to some people, but not to everyone... i'm not even sure if i want to go out to everyone anymore, either. who i like is my business. if it comes up, i'll be honest, but i don't see the point in going around and telling everyone "hey, i'm bi!" but at the same time, i'm not going to hide it.

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that makes since every ones in everyones business. ppl make big deals out of someone being gay/les/bi.

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yes...but no

i'm out to most people at school. but the only person that knows for sure for sure is my sister.

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i'm out

i'm pretty out. i guess having a girlfriend for a year will do that to a person, especially in such a small school and when we can't keep our hands off of each other... heh ^^;;

~ solarfae

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some what

im out with my mom ,lil sis, and school. but there is still my dad n' step mom aunts muncles 2 other sisters 3 brothers you know i may never be completly out thats it

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Comfortably out

I came out to the people who matter about five years ago, and I would not go "back in" for the world.

I don't hide my sexuality, but I don't advertise it, or rub it in people's faces.

I walk in a mall, I hold my boyfriend's hand. Life is good.

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I'm only out to a few certain

I'm only out to a few certain people.

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I'm only out to my family. ~s

I'm only out to my family. ~sigh.

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Well, I was sorta 'outed' at

Well, I was sorta 'outed' at school by backstabbing bitches just recently, but only my sister in my family knows. And a few online friends.'s picture


i'm straight...or rather...

that's how I suppose I'm most percieved...but to me I just live with the philosophy that all that matters is whether or not I'm happy with whomever i find. I'm lucky enough to think that a person's plumbing has nothing to do with anything.

I'm also in love with my lesbian best friend, so I guess straight at the moment.

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Half way there.

I'm out to most of my friends, and only one family member. Soon to be two, though.

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i am sort of out, im out to m

i am sort of out, im out to my close friends, immediate family, and one teacher, but most people dont know.

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i'm kinda out..

I just came out to my best friend that I am bi and she was really
accepting about it. I haven't told anyone else because at
my school people sort of look down on being lesbian, bi,
or gay and the last time someone came out they got hurt.
And my family wouldn't be suppportive because they are

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Well it depends...

On whom you are talking to. I don't make it a point to tell everyone. But if I am asked about it, I tell the truth. I don't see the point in denying who I am. It all comes from living with my mother. ^-^
~Lisa Faery~

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[x] out

i can't think of anyone who knows me that doesn't know. i mean, i don't wear pridegear so not everyone knows, but if you spend time with me it'll come out some how (pun not intended but gleefully accepted). the only people who come to mind that i avoid telling are lame extended family members, and who gives a fuck about them anyway. i don't, really.

but in any case, it's just not something i can keep in, unless i'm relating to someone solely on a professional level (in which case i limit talking about my personal life almost altogether) or to someone who i know would do damage to me/people i care about/etc. (like my grandma and, as it happens to be, close-minded gay people, because i find dealing with them harder than dealing with straight people).

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...I guess some people know. My good friends, all of my online friends, but none of my family. As an only child all I have is my parents and, being 14, being kicked out of the house (which they are likley to do) would not be a good idea.

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well it depend. i dont think my sexual orientation is anyones buisness. if askes, i will awnser honestly. if not, i wont point it out unless i think the person i am with should know. i am out to my whole family and all my friends, except my grandma, cuz i havent got around to it yet. also, i am scared to be bashed, again.