are you a

morning person
19% (8 votes)
night person
76% (32 votes)
neither (please explain!)
5% (2 votes)
Total votes: 42


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I'm a night person (peak productive hrs 11pm - 430am) currently being held against my will and forced to live amongst the day people. They're strange people. I do not trust them.

p. daniels
credits all his success and longevity to the fact that he's a badass.
Estd. 1981

"Happy, humble, famous, or rich/You only get two, and only you can pick" -Uncle Kracker

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i'm odd heh. i know i functio

i'm odd heh. i know i function better when i actually get up in the morning, but i still prefer to be up until ridiculous hours of the night/morning and sleep in til noon. so... short-term happiness, night person. long-term happiness, morning person.

~ solarfae

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I'm both

I think I'm both now. I stay up late and like to get up early. I won't be getting much sleep for a while, unless I can convince myself to give one way or another.

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Even tho i put night (cause I

Even tho i put night (cause I love to sta up late)I love the morning too.