Are you confused about who you are in regards to your sexuality?

15% (8 votes)
39% (21 votes)
a little
35% (19 votes)
other (explain)
11% (6 votes)
Total votes: 54


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gay or bi?

I'm not confused as to being straight or not...because I know im not.
It's more am I bisexual as opposed to gay?

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for rizzle

"If you love someone, tell them for hearts are often broken by words left unspoken"

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My thoughts exactly.

My thoughts exactly.

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My problem exactly!

My problem exactly!

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I dunno

I put other because I am very attracted to guys, I know I am gay. But then I can look at a girl sometimes that is very pretty and be attracted to her. I don't think that it's a sexual attraction though, more like I would like to be her friend. Let's just put it this way- The way I see a pretty girl is the way a straight girl looks at the same person. There you go

My sexuality is something I do not normaly flaunt.
But just with religion or politics,
if the topic comes up I will jump on it faster than a hott guy.

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Me and It

My genitals and I are in an all out war. We hate each other. I would
knife the thing off if it wouldn't kill me, the blood loss that is. As a result, I'm not sure who I can honestly say I am attracted too. Right now I like to call myself nonsexual.

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I only feel confused after st

I only feel confused after straight people, mainly my sister, fuck with my head and make me think that I really don't know who I am. But most of the time I am confident in my sexuality.

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sup sup sup

tell your sis to fuck off, and or become like my sister who is comfortable with my sexuality... and if she doesnt change stab her in the eye with a really hot french fry. and tell her she will have to deal witht this bitch if she fucks with your head again....
IM me anytime, IM- ptzzone15
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because we love them, not because we
are alone~

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Seems like they're the ones w

Seems like they're the ones who are confused and don`t know who you are.

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who knows

i know i am gay but i dont want to be gay any more so i am fighting it..

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. I don't really worry about "what I am", after all gay, staight, bi etc. are just names we have made up.- I fall in love with who i fall in love with for who they are not their gender and thats all that really matters. (to me at least)

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I'm not sure if I'm more gay than bi, or what, but I figure all that 'sex stuff' will sort itself out in due time. I really spend a lot more energy worrying about the gender I have to live in (and would rather not).