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The day has been boring movie a pizza here and A
amusement park that I didn't want to go to. E asked me to go with him
and his boyfriend and the boyfriend bought a girl with him
I had the strange feeling I was trying to be set up with this girl
She wasn't that bad looking. Thats my opioion. We rode a lot of rides that
where cool an some I wish I hadn't rode. We waited in
line for one hour and ten mintues only for the guys to get thrown off
for cutting in a line that we didn't cut. We almost got thrown off
I told the ride operate when he asked me to get off that I wasn't going
to I had stood in that line just as long as some of the other people and
waited without cutting line and I wasn't getting
off the damn ride. He changed his tune really fast
the guys where pissed and said it just wasn't worth
it to get back in line again so we didn't.Why when
we might get thrown off.
I also got the new Ashlee Simpson cd and found out
A lot of the songs are kind of my life. 'Cept she
is talking about guys and mine would be girls. So
we have a diffeance there.


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ahlee simpson huh? not my ki

ahlee simpson huh? not my kind of music but yeah i would tell the operater to fuck off... but thats just me... sorry but if you lived in fayetteville you wouldn't take much crap either... thats why you see me complain about it so much... but yeah boring is the definition of this damn place.... but yeah ;ater...
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