Boys Don't Cry

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Mom is really making an effort to help me find gay teens my age who live around here. And possibly some support groups. I'm desperate!! I just wish I had someone who I could see every day and talk to who would understand what I'm going through, and who I could talk to openly about my sexuality and not feel the least bit uncomfortable. Anyone live in NY?

I watched Boys Don't Cry today. Talk about disturbing. It amazes me how sick people can be... She was just trying to find who she was, and love who she loved. After I watched that, I was speechless. Teena Brandon's mother was extremely angry with the film-makers, and anyone who made money off that movie. I read some interviews people had with her. She said she's sick and tired of people making money off of her child. And though I think they did a good job with the movie, it really does anger me that they really twisted the story around in some ways. It especially makes me mad that they didn't even include a lot of very important facts about Brandon. I can't even go into it anymore, I'm stressing myself out again. Screw people who can't accept people for who they are!!!!!!


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what did they change????

that made the mom abgry...just wondering?


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