Coming Back

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As I walk these words
remember their meaning
the memories reverberate through my mind
an echo of voices
shadows of people
doors opening and shutting
to the old experiences
the wounds that sliced so deep
that they are just now starting to heal
throb with the pain
rediscovering what caused them
I ponder and consider
all the time spent here
the endless letters
stringing together sentences
things I have long since forgotten
amazed at what I have become
what I was before
where I may go
I know that this place
this home away from home
helped me more than anyone ever has
and I am thankful
so with patience
and heart
I pass it on to those in need
those who fear
who weep for their feelings of listlessness
I let them see
that in the end
you will always have friends
and a home
here among us.



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hey...thats gorgeous -HOLLY

hey...thats gorgeous