? Coming Out ?

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Hey, does anybody out there have a great
technique to...well coming out. I deal with
swimming and playing soccor, so telling the people

Blonde Guy

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UM Yeah

I'll tell you right know its not going to be easy
if you have put up the fount of being straight
it will be even harder but you just have to go
with what feels right to you. Maybe you want to
tell everyone as a group or maybe you want to
tell them one by one me I used the one by one.
Hope that helps an good luck you may need it.

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I don't know...

My question is... do you feel that you absolutely HAVE to "come out" at this time? Coming out to a large group of people is a major, large step (one I haven't taken yet!), so you want to be sure you don't do anything you're going to have major regrets about later.

I'm not trying to make this even harder for you... I think these are questions you should be asking. Perhaps if you give us more information, we can help you out better.