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Its the saddest, most depressing thing, watching the space expand between you and the person you're closest to even before it has happened. You can feel the distance between your physical selves, your mental selves, and your lives growing ever larger. And you're still living in the same city.

I've always wanted that friend. You know the one, the kind of friend who would always have your back when you needed them the most. Who knew just what to say even if to someone on the outside, it didn't seem very sympathetic. The friend who knew exactly what foods were a makeshift bandage and what movie would make the world seem halfway decent. I always thought I had that in her.

We had enough inside jokes to fill the pages of one strange book. She could make me laugh, and I could make her laugh. We didn't care what other people said. We went through the hells of Graphics class deeming everyone else ignorant and mean. I could tell her anything and I always hoped she felt the same way.

And now it seems like thats no longer the truth. I've already seen and talked to her less than I ever have. I don't know if I can remember all of our inside jokes and I am scared.

How do you watch your best friend move on? How do you say good bye and act like everything will stay the same when it's already different?