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Eee I was just on a website for gay teens, and I was looking in the personals just to find a friend, someone I could talk to. And I found this girl...and I saw her picture...and I thought I was going to drop dead. She is SO gorgeous!!! Oh my god! And this is weird for me because this is the first time I've ever gotten so 'ohmygodohmygodohmygod' over a girl before. Because, like some other people here, I've noticed that I feel differently for the different genders. But oh my god....I can't get over how beautiful this girl is!!!!! O.O Droolage, as my friend Ray would say...


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Just so you know...

FATA is a band, it stands for From Autumn to Ashes. ^-^
~Lisa Faery~

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What website? Were there any

What website? Were there any cute guys?

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I think it was gayteens.org

I think it was gayteens.org

"She keeps on asking, do you think it hurts to die? It's hurting so much more to stay alive..."