Gay Men

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I love gay men! I really do!! They're awesome! I love all gay people, myself included, haha...but gay men are so cool. Some are feminine, some aren't. My best friend's family is friends with lots of gay people. Eric kicks butt. He's very feminine. He always looks nice, and it's adorable because he does what some (only some and it doesn't seem to be too many) gay men do...where they talk and let their wrist hang limp. It's just so cute. And is it just me or do all gay men seem to be nicer than straight men? At least most of them do. Once again... I LOVE GAY MEN! :)


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lol... we're called fag hags

lol... there are a shitload of us.... i, for one tend to write gay porn only because i find too gay men more attractive than a man and a woman.. or even two girls sometimes...

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I agree.

I agree. They also seem more free to be themselves (i.e. they're not trying as hard to fill a stereotype), which makes them even more cool.

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my limp wrist

i have to admit that i let my wrist hang limp in public sometimes , it just happens that way. im a girl but sometimes i can look really gay. i flaunt it when i want to it makes me feel confident in who i am and its just something i do.
poetry tiff

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I didn't think that...

I didn't think that girls could look "gay" with limp wrists?

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Limp Wrist

I totally do the whole limp wrist thing as well. My friends totally love it. I have loads of cute pictures of me randomly doing it.