Gay Straight Alliance

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My friend is thinking about getting one of these started in our school (our small school, with no one officially out), but it occurred to us that we're not really sure what one does. Does anyone work with the GSA at their school, and if so, what do you guys do?'s picture

it's all about who you know

First you need to get a list of contacts with every organization you know that is local that would help you. Rainbow Alliance is a good start, and so is planned parenthood (maybe). But if I were to start one of these groups at my school, *I really might this year*, My focus would be to educate the community that glbt are the same as anyone else. They breath, bleed, and love. You can search for local chapters of pflag and civil rights groups. It's easy to find them, just look up the websites and find a link to a list of local chapters.

The message of the groups is always to teach equality, and to provide a safe place for younger people who are contemplating their identity. Because even coming out is very intense, and to have the support of people can be more constructive than anything else.
I'll probably never know what it is like to come out (I'm a straight guy), but a close friend of mine is in the process right now. She said that she wouldn't be able to handle all the stress and tension without me, and the support that I've given her.

I rallied an army of support for her, people who rarely talked to her during the school year were calling and giving her support. She said that she wouldn't have made it 2 days without all the help.

Focus on safety and education. Sorry I got so wordy.

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here's a link

Mechanical has it pretty much down, you can also go to to for any other info. I work with the GSA at my school but this past year wasn't organized at all and it pissed a lot of us off. Basically, it was crap. But we plan to change it this year.

Things will change. I will change.
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