Girl Scouts Response

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My message:

I was a Girl Scout when I was younger, but due
to my family moving around a great deal, I
was never able to rejoin.

Recently, the subject of the Boy Scouts not
allowing gays to pledge came up. I was
wondering if Girl Scouts has a similar
"discrimination", not so much for me, but for
my friend.

There is nothing in your materials that says
that you do not allow lesbians, bisexuals,
transgendered or genderqueers to pledge,
however there is also nothing in your
materials that states that you do not
discriminate due to sex, race, color, sexuality,
status, etc.

If you could please respond to this, it would
be much appreciated.


Their response to my message:

Your message was received and forwarded to me for response.
The Girl Scouts value diversity and inclusiveness and, therefore, do not
discriminate on any basis. 
However, we do not permit the advocacy or
promotion of personal lifestyle or sexual orientation, nor do we recruit
accordingly.  Indeed, we have firm standards relating to appropriate
conduct on the part of all adults who work with girls. We believe that
sexual orientation is a private matter for girls and their families to

Bettye Bradley
Director, Information and Referral Center
Girl Scouts of the USA


Is it just me, or are they confused?


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My mother was a girl scout le

My mother was a girl scout leader for a while and she is a lesbian. She didn't openly tell people, however she has and always had stickers on her car that say things such as "Celebrate Diversity" and "Family Values". Some of the parents were not comfortable with it and were complete assholes about it and some of the counsel members were completely discriminating. After awhile my mom couldn't take it anymore. She loves kids, she likes Girl Scouting, but she couldn't jeopardize her own happiness for it.
~Lisa Faery~