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There's no GLBT group at my school. If my friends and I made one, I can pretty much guarantee that no one would come except for the very very very few of us (myfriends and I) because my town is so god damn 'traditional'. Not only would no one come, but we'd get harassed even more during school. But I'm dying to have a group here. Grrr. I'm so mad!! I really can't stand people sometimes. I just can't take it!


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I wouldn't mind having a GLBT group at my school but I doubt anyone would attend either. Besides, if everyone was open enough to do that, I'd be more inclined to spend my free time chasing after them than talking ¬.¬

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same here..

I totally agree with that. I would love to have one here at my
school too but where I live people aren't very accepting and
even if u are GLBT you are supposed to pass it off as a joke
and no one really talks about it.

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Lol, we have a "Gay Straight

Lol, we have a "Gay Straight Alliance" at my school, I went once. I was honestly bored out of my mind, it was the same group of friends. They've graduated since, maybe I'll return and see what's happening there?