how likely is it to find ur soulmate when ur still a minor?

very likely
15% (4 votes)
58% (15 votes)
not likely
19% (5 votes)
ver unlikely
8% (2 votes)
Total votes: 26


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By sheer probability

Going by sheer probability alone, there's probably a (relatively speaking) 1 in 4 chance of meeting your soulmate in the first quarter of your life (assuming you live to be at least about 70 and define minor as younger than 18).

I prefer not to think that there's only one possible person really destined for me, it seems too limiting. Thinking otherwise opens up lots more possibilities. Then again, this poll never said there could be only one possible soulmate.

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finding guys is hard

I live in a relativly conservative neighborhood so its hard for me to find guys who want an oppen relationship.