I hate today...

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Today was a pretty crappy day. I had to take a three hour practice SAT test for this SAT prep class I'm in. God I hate this whole preparing for college shit. I don't really care anymore. I know I can get accepted to most of the cal states. Yet I know if I do better on the SAT i could possibly get into UC santa cruz, which is where I really want to go. Anyways I then had to go to my dad's house to feed his cats (he's out of town) and I spent forever in traffic. I really hate L.A. sometimes. When I finally got home my sister was over being a pissy little shit...hormonal. She started ranting about how she never wants me to talk about any gay stuff and how I am revolting, etc... The wierd thing is I never talk about it with her. All I did was mention queer as folk (I bought the first season lon ebay and I am addicted!!). Well I never know what is going to set her off. Everything pisses Jen off. And you don't want to see the wrath of Jen! I hate it when someone's bad mood can be so contageous. Yeah I know I am being a bit hypocritical considering I am ranting about my shitty day. Oh and I am still truamatized from last night when I walked in on my mother...oh nevermind.

Sorry if anyone really had to listen to my anoying ranting.


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I remember

I remember how I didn't care very much during the whole college process. I randomly picked a school and applied to it without knowing very much about it other than that several doctors went there. I wanted to be a doctor at the time. So it's a good thing I like my school... I still say that I would never be able to look at my Mum again.

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