I made a friend!!!!!

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Wow! I made a friend! Well I mean I make lots of friends but this is really cool! Met her through Oasis (although not exactly on the site =P) and she's like really awesome. I'm turning into a glbtq helpline or something. But that's cool, I like talking to people who listen and I like helping people even if I can't seem to do it right half the time (which I've done rants on before). I'm nice! Really! I don't bite ....

Actually, I've made lots of friends on Oasis. It's becoming a big part of my life (yes I'm an Internet freak -- sad, I know) and (to kind of continue last night's little revelation) I'm realizing that, like I said before, being glbtq is like being a minority or something of that nature.

It's something else too, I've realized. It's rare that I feel like I belong anywhere. But I feel like I belong to something when I think about the fact that I'm bi. It makes me part of a completely different kind of family and I like that. I fall into very few categories. White: so what? Female: OK. Goth/punk/poser: isolates me more than brings me close to people. And so on. I dunno, I feel like I belong and people care about me in the gay community, on here and in Waldorf (the tiny one that exists). It's nice to feel loved =P.

Well enough rambling on. I'm sure you're tired of reading about my revelations and eye-openers and whatever.


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no, no its not tiering at all! :) And, i know what you mean about the community thing. i feel that way too!

Hugs and love- Arwencita

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Wow! I'm not alone... I'm really not! *laughs at myself for being goofy* Lol. =P

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AnD ThEy LiKe It

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fellow internet freak....

Yeah, we are a minority. But remember, rather than being the odd one out, we're actually the special ones.