I Miss You, Oasis!!!

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I'm going crazy... the monitor for Mom's computer died, so I won't be able to post for a while...who knows when we'll get a new one. I'm at the library. I hate it here...I hate this whole town. All the people. They hate me because they've decided on their own that I'm gay, because I say I love you to one of my friends as a joke. While they run around and slap each other's asses... Anyways, back to what I was talking about. Yeah, I'm going insane without a monitor at home. 1. I can't talk to my friends online and I barely use the phone. 2. I had to come to the library just so I could look something up for my Harry Potter game. I've been dying to post here, so I'm just writing this up quick. Not that anyone here will miss me while I'm gone, lol. :)
I had a panic attack at work yesterday. I had to go around and talk to venders about the raffle at the end of the summer and I kind of put it off for a while. It was just Charli and I working, so I had to go alone and all of a sudden I just got a panic attack. So I put off going around to the venders because I didn't want toi completely freak out. I just stood there for a while and forced myself not to think about it. Eventually I went around to the venders, and I was fine. God, I can't wait until I get the meds for my S.A.D.
Dad and Marie are moving to London in three weeks. ;( I'm going to miss them so much. Even though Dad gets on my nerves a lot, I'm still going to miss him. But, the good thing is that I'll get to visit England every year. Woot!

Time to go. I miss you, Oasis!!!


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I know

I'm going on vacation for six days next week which means I'll be unable to check this site. It's quite sad how attached to it I am. I hope you feel better once you get your meds.

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