i'm iz so bored..

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yeah i guess u'd call this... like a waste o' time and space... who'da thunk?...

i meant to go over to alanna's (my ex gf) to find out about that whole suicide thing... but her mom hates me...(argh) i have yet to actually see her alive, but if he says so.....

i think i'll post a poem/story...

yeah, thats it....

(it's all i can think of)....*shamed*

One Love

"I'm ready to accept my fate", i thought. "i'm ready to die."
and surely death wouldve been brought on by my own hand
every hour brought me closer to realizing how much i wasnt meant to live
endlessly i'd cut
and constantly i'd overdose
hoping that i could one day kill away the light that flickered on inside me
but to this day, i'm thankful that i didn't
for i mustve crossed over to another life
one where things would be better
and i wouldnt have to cry
and i'd actually love
little did i know i'd find you there
and little did i know you'd pull me out of a lifetme of pain with one kiss
with one hug
little did i know i'd be bettered
with one love...

lol.. woah that sucks...



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It wasn't bad at all.
"Man it takes a silly girl
to lie about the dreams she has.
But lord, it takes a lonely one to wish
that she had never dreamt at all."