is kissing cheating?!

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yeaahh... um.. i saw my ex gf today.. the one who "feigned suicide"..(turns out her dad did the lying)... and while im in a relationship with the loving guy... i.. kinda... sorta.. kissed her... only once and just a peck on the lipz...

me and my bf are totally honest w/ each other.. he told me about him seeing an old friend he used to date... and NOT taking her number.. and i sorta told him about that little kiss... i knew he'd get weird about it.. and i understood why.. and i could do was apoligize... he kept thinking i wanted more from her.. but i swear 2 GOD that i want nothing to do with her sexually..

i hadnt seen her in like 3 months and i missed her... i didnt know i'd end up kissing her... but i did... aaannddd.... i regret it...



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its just contact after all

i dont beleive that kissing is ever cheating so long as you don't have any feelings for the person you're cheating with.
if you have no real sexual/sensual interest in that person that you did kiss then, your kissing that person is just about as important as a handshake.

so long as one presents a fine face in church, what matters it that ones soul rots from within?

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If it was just a one off like that then it really isn't cheating - it's not like you declared undying love for her. Hugging and kissing (in the peck type way o.0) can be a friendly action too - I seem to get away with it anyway. If it wasn't planned and you don't want her sexually, then you can have a clear conscience :)