its ilegal to be myself where i live...

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"i looked at her and she knew it was wrong,
"she looked at me and i knew it was wrong,
but then the rhythm started to flow..."

feeling hiphoppy today- hmm feeling like creating my own words too it seems

in my country (ugh i already sound like some trashy novel)
its illegal to be gay.

i remember the time when i found that out the hard way, and that was when
i was out at the bowling alley w my girlfriend,
and the atmosphere inside got a little hot and heavy so we decided to
take it outside... as we were leaning against a pillar, in a relatively dark corner(yeah i know- SHADY!) i kissed her and she kissed me back, for not more than 5 seconds
when one of the police officers around ( there are police everywhere
at local hangouts- monitering the place for underaged drinkers etc)
jumped right in the action and came and told us we were under arrest
for 1. public indecency
2. for violating some code of conduct concerning sexuality etc. i got lost
in all the confuzzlement.

it was so bricked up, we were sixteen for crying out loud and he had to take us
to the police station, 2 km away at 10pm on foot!(coz there was a fuel crisis,
etc)my girlfriend walked all the way crying as i tried to bribe the guy with everything i had- but that was only last year, i mean come on i was only 16 all i had
in my pockets was the equivalent of 4 US dollars!
then i tried telling him that i was some minister's kid, yeah yeah yeah, i tried
every possible lie i knew, but i guess it only aggravated him.

nonetheless we finally got to the station and our parents came and picked us up from the police station and paid our fines etc. thats how my parents found out that
i kinda swing both ways- thus they put me on therapy and sent me to church everythrd day of the week, i was never allowed to see my girlfriend again...according to them i'm straight again.

really messed up my life.

haha, in a v. tragic way, i guess i can be a rapper now,
i got a police record- for being myself.

i got arrested for being gay...

thats just profound stuff.


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As soon as I could...

I'd move. Is the girlfriend in this entry still your girlfriend? Since you said you weren't allowed to see her...and that you're now wonderfully straight again in your parents eyes. Ha ha ha.

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That's really f*cked up. Exc

That's really f*cked up. Excuse my language, but that's REALLY f*cked up. I'm not trying to talk crap about your country or anything, but I think that they should change their laws and give people human rights...(what country do you live in, by the way?) anyways, I'm really sorry you had/have to go through that. :(

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It's in America too. I don't

It's in America too. I don't know if you can get arrested for it (never tested it out), but there are some sodomy laws in Virginia still.

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Not true

The Supreme Court struck down sodomy statutes nationwide. Not to say that you couldn't possibly still get hassled by the Man, but now you've got a legal limb to stand on if you want to fight back. Cheers...


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jesus child

zimbabwe .. i am so so sorry for you.

I myself am from south africa , so i get a less censored version of the news reports from up there. =(

Zim is going down the tubes fast, and mugabe is even more evil in my opinion than saddam ever was.. except there is no oil there.

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yeah i come to south africa o

yeah i come to south africa often,
people are a little more open there.

i can't move from this place, though i'd like to very much so
because, well, despite the sexuality issues and govt policies etc,
its home. plus at 17 i wouldnt go very far with the spare change i've got, haha.

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that sucks

that's just lousy. it's wrong. it's just as wrong as the UAE, where you can get executed for being gay (at least, that was the law when i did a project for law class on it) or how they used to charge people here and ruin their lives for it. i'm glad i live in canada. at least here, if some homophobic moron tries to hurt me for who i am, i know the law is against them (in theory, anyway). i hope people can get the law changed where you are. laws like that are crappy.