...just a dream

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My senses got dazzled whenever you're near,
And when you touched my hand my stomach bounced in delight.
My hands sweat floods of unacquainted love.

As tears build up, I cry on your shoulder,
Knowing you call me only as a friend.
I love you with all of my bleeding heart,
I'll loved you from the very start'til the very end,
But, sadly, I cry, because you're just a friend.

“bang bang bang- dammit there goes my clean shirt."


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A poem nearly everybody can nod their heads and go "That's me." At least that's what I did while reading this.

"All that we see or seem is but a dream within a dream."

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ah yes ah yes, it rings an all too familiar bell. It was absolute torture watching my best friend kiss guys, have a boyfriend, tell me about her past relationships or ones she was currently in and all the dates she had. I couldn't scare her and tell her how I felt. She always said if I was a guy she'd date me...then one day we did hook up, the torture is over! YAY! I like the poem though, it strikes a cord in me, and it makes me happy