messed up short story

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she raised her pistol and shot. her bullet hit home in his chest. yes, this was what she had died for. for the pain, for the pleasure.he fell backward and touched the wound gently in shock. he raised his head and yelled, "you!" he was grinning at her when she lowered her pistol, slowly. he tried to reach out to her but was not able. he was
crippled and not just from the bullet. she was suddenly laughing in her maniacal way. it filled the study with a tremble. she was pleased and not just from the bullet. "you thought you could get away with my death. just goes to show you, payback's a bitch!"
she reached forward and grabbed him by the lapels. she pulled him toward her with an agonizing slowness. she looked over his shoulder at the blood spurting from the hole in his back. she smiled at him then she pressed her dead frozen lips to his and kissed him hard. she pushed open his mouth and stuck her dirty tongue in his mouth while licking his perfect white teeth. he grimaced and closed his eyes in pain. his gut was knotted and the blood spilling was causing him to gag. it began to smell in the small study. it had a stench of death. he dropped to the floor when she let him go. quickly, a small puddle began to spread out around him. he died that way, with that sad look of shock on his face. she was the last thing he saw. she absently searched his pockets and found the thing she was looking for. it was the small heart shaped locket he had given her for her 13th birthday. she looked down on him and said, "sorry daddy, but you dissapointed me."

i wrote this one day after watching resident evil which i am a big fan of. i loved the movie and i have one of the games for my gamecube. i know its messed up and somewhat perverted but i really like it. so id love to have comments.


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Without my headache

I would probably be able to make more sense but it was interesting. Really, interesting. . .