mirabile dictu

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A failed lonely college student consumed by confusion,
Lost in a void, his vile world, his stressed mind overcomes his understanding
At this point in his life, lost in his excitement, everything is an illusion,
A nightmare that had spun a web of horrors around him. Embalmed in sorrow.
Against his will he stands beside his own reflection,
It belittles him; his image taunts him.
His rage sacrifices him at the altar of his own tears. Weak,
He is, from life’s mental congestions,
As the hollow echoes of his own voice haunt him,
He realizes he is wedged in the wreckage of his own trance.
Suddenly the phone begins to ring as he stands outside, on the edge
Of his balcony, still ringing, “I’m going to jump!


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Your poem was brilliantly written, although it envoked such a sad sentiment. I hope you don't still feel that way.

~If we were all the same, life would be boring