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First: Thank you so much for the advice!!!

Second: Does anyone have any idea how to find other gay teens where you live? I don't know where to search, what to search for, mainly on the computer...what do I type in to search for this kind of stuff? I'm dying to meet some other teens in my town or close to me that I can maybe talk to...maybe even gay teen groups...where you go and talk about issues and stuff... I'm so stuck. Any suggestions are much appreciated!

Third: I think I'm going to give this relationship with Ian a try. The worst thing that could happen would be that I decide I don't want/can't date a guy and need to break up with Ian. But he's already assured me that he won't get mad at me if I change my mind for any reason. He said that he and Richi will always love me no matter what. ^_^ They're so sweet. I love them both to death. They're so understanding, and accepting...even though they don't like gay-ness. From what I've heard, Richi thought it was gross, or something like that. But he didn't care about my s.o. I wonder if they'd freak out if I gave them the link to this site so they could read my journal...


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Gay Teen Groups

Well, I'm not sure if there's a database online or something . . . there very well might be. I know of one in Savannah (where I live) called "Stand Out", but I've never actually gone to a meeting (because they are on Thursday evenings and I have this thing called homework . . .). I actually found the brochure for it at my church. I'm Unitarian, so our church is really liberal, and they have all these booklets and stuff and even a gay message board. If there's a Unitarian church in your area, you could just call them or go in on a Sunday after the service and ask if they know of any youth groups. I'm sure they will.

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Thanks. :) "She keeps on

Thanks. :)

"She keeps on asking, do you think it hurts to die? It's hurting so much more to stay alive..."