My Mother is a Bitch

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I swear i think i might explode today ......she comes to me and starts yelling blah blah apparently im lazy and im a horrible daughter....ok youve told me that mom an then she continues to complain about my "supposed confusion" i.e. me being gay....i dont think she likes it...phhhhh Help me.....I cant take her anymore , I need to move out or something the woman is ridiculous...she said " i know what youre thinking......" and gave me a hurt angry stare what am i supposed to do be straight get a bf??? i dont want a fucking bf......boys suck ass.....i need to fuck up so shell leave me alone.......



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sounds familiar

God, that sounds a lot like my mom. She definetly doens't like me being gay but that's too bad. I bring over my gay friends all the time, I talk about how I saw this hot chick somewhere everytime she asks me how my day was....she hates it, but I'm going to force my gay life on her until she shuts the hell up.

I wanted to move out for a while, I still do. NOw since I know I can't being that I'm too young, I do everything I can to give them the hell back that they've given me over the past few months. My mom got pissed off at me because I was in a bad mood and I told her I didn't want to talk to anyone, then tried to come at me and appologize the next day, and all I said was "are you done yet cuz I have places I need to be?" Needless to say, she leaves me alone for the most part now. I like it, I can actually hear myself think instead of her incessant screaming.

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We can move out and be roomies!



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