need a friend

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i need someone who i could talk to about my trouble life. i live in the foster system been in the system all my life. it really sucks you really never get to call somone your mom or dad. you dont get things like everyone else does. i really dont have a "family" whatever that means. i lived in so many different group homes and foster homes. im bi and have been out for three years so far. i've dated pleanty of guys, and many girls, i've said that i was in love but i know i really wasnt i felt that i had to say that to keep someone. i've been told that im depressed. and i can say that i am really suicidal. i've tried it all. really all im asking for is someone i could talk to or at lease someone who can tell me that life will get better.'s picture


where are you?
I'd love to talk with you. But you've got to promise to talk back.

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i promise to talk really glad that you responded to my post..

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Ill talk to you too

Im not perfect though
i am a human being and I have feelings too.

i try and stay positive too,and
i dnt go on the internet telling people that they
don't like them,lol.

but you got to email me back.

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You do realize that you are the one who is making it hard for others to like you, right?

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right on

maybe the reason you're having this issue lizziqu, is that you annoy the crap out of people and babble on about totally irrelivent shit.

Cause you're a star now, oh cinderella they arn't sluts like you...

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about this guy at this school thing who is HE
talking about how he wants to kill himself about
this stupid girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

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"Sometimes it is better to look stupid, then to open your mouth and prove it"

Bite Me :P

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Who is this lady your
in love with?

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I'm here if you want to talk. AIM sn is ladyluv585. And I helieve life will get better.

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^_^ hey

Hey I wouldn't mind listening either.My AIM s/n is me sometime I'd love to hear from ya.
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I can talk to you...

I wouldn't mind talking to you. I've talked to many people who feel that their lives will not get better. I myself felt this way at one point in my life, so I know what it feels like.

AIM: jcarnby

Look forward to hearing from you.

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talk to me anytime

I'd love to talk to you. Y!, MSN:unconventionalconventionist. (Sorry it's so long!) Talk to me whenever you want. I'll be there.

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If you wanna chat on MSN- I'm

If you wanna chat on MSN- I'm under and I'd love to talk.

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I have nothing against talking to people. Be forwarned, though, I haven't been in the best of moods for awhile
AIM: RivRat81

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I'd love to talk

My screenname on aim is Amc41631. Thats also my email address

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It will

Life will surely get better for you, keep in mind that no matter how bad you have it, there will always be someone who has it worse off then you. All you have to do is make the best of things as they come, (as corny as it sounds, it's true). Only you can make things better for yourself, sitting around feeling sorry will only make you feel worse. Just a thought. (Sorry if I have made anything worse).

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need a friend 2

I can relate to some of these things you're talking of such as being suicidal, depression and being in "love" all of which are hard things to overcome. However, with strength and faith in myself I did get over them and if you believe in yourself and stay strong, you will be fine. Remember that somewhere out there, someone loves you. Even if you don't feel that today, you will, eventually. Just don't give up!!! One of my personal favorite quotes is "Don't frown because you never know who may be falling in love with your smile." Don't forget that! If you ever wanna talk e-mail me and I'll do my best to help you! Love you! -Jaime