Rainbow Sauce & Bailey

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I was talking to Mom about coming out, and I said that I want to tell Alex, my oldest sister. I asked if it was stupid that I've asked her (my Mom) to come out to my two older sisters for me. She said no. And she's more than willing to tell them for me. But I do feel stupid, and immature... I feel like I'm avoiding the whole situation in a way by having my Mom tell my sisters. But I am SO incredibly grateful that my Mom is so willing to help me out. She knows I'm scared to come out to my sisters and brother, and so she helps me. I love my Mom! I was showing her a sweater I want the other day, it's a rainbow butterfly and it says Rainbow Sauce on the back (the name of the company that makes the merchandise) and I asked if I could get it sometime. She said probably and I said that I really liked it, and pointed out a few other designs that I really like. She just smiled, hugged me, and gave me a kiss on the forehead. I feel so safe around her.l I'm so lucky to have a Mom like her.

At 5:00 PM tonight, Dad will board his plane and begin his flight to London, England. Last night was really hard. Betsy and I spent the evening with him, although he and Marie were basically just packing the last of the stuff in the house. So Betsy and I went over and hung out with the renters (they're renting a small part of the house). The woman renting (Erika) has two daughters. Jessica is grown, and Jennifer is going to be a senior. She was on the phone with her boyfriend a lot, but she tried to spend a lot of time with us. She's really nice. But the moment she mentioned her boyfriend for the first time, my heart sank. She lives with her Dad, and only comes to visit Erika every other weekend. She gave Betsy and I her email. Well, she bsically just gave Betsy her email. I didn't go over for a while because I was thinking and being alone outside...but when I did go over, Betsy and Jennifer were getting along great (which is funny because Betsy is only 9) and Jennifer gave her her email. So I'm going to email Jennifer too. She and I got along really well. Dad has to leave his dog Bailey here until February. Because of something the vet did when dealing with her quarantine or something. I'm not sure exactly. He said he didn't have to do a certain thing, but he did so Bailey has to stay until February. So Erika is going to keep Bailey until then and take care of her. I'm going to miss Bailey so much!!! She's such a sweet dog. But Erika said that Betsy and I can come over whenever we want, and take Bailey whenever we want. It's really nice that she's letting us hang out over there, just whenever. She's really nice. And she really cares about Bailey. :)

Betsy is yelling at Mom for no reason... yeah... going to my room sounds very nice right now.