Sex. Life.

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Sex with a female is the most real life honest soul filling experiance. I love Jen so much. I see myself marrying her and moving down to South Carolina and smoking alot and sitting on our white wrap-around balcony facing the sea, and her smoking her cigar, and us having two or three dogs. Big ones and small ones. The grass is long and we shag in it sometimes, until we adobt a litttle boy. The little boy is brown, from a country of browns, i dont know what that would be. Hes got long straight black hair and big watery eyes. He loves us both, and is a real good kid. Jen makes me feel good. And i would love to marry her. To spend the rest of my life waking up in her arms...
I am sure the rest of you know what I mean.


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oh thats cool. i wish i knew what that felt like but i just havent found it yet.
poetry tiff

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Sex with *preferred gender* is good. Just cut down on the smoking in that idyllic view of life or you might not see it for very long ;)