Someone, anyone, HELP!!!!

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Someone replied to one of my entries that I wrote from the library, about my siggy. What does FATA stand for? I've never heard of them. I just found the quote somewhere and liked it... but anyways...

Sooo I have a problem....

I asked Ian out. I do believe that I love him. I love him to death. But you know how sometimes people have a hard time accepting the fact that they like the same sex? Well, I don't mind. I'm fine with my sexuality. For the most part. But since I asked Ian out...(I still want to go out with him) it's just that I've been having second thoughts about going out with him. Even though I still want to. It's like instead of not accepting that I like the same sex, it's the other way around. I LOVE girls. As I've said before. But I also like guys. Kind of. And I REALLY like Ian. But at the same time, I have this gut feeling that maybe this relationship isn't the best thing for me. Because I have strong feelings that are telling me that I should be with a girl. I think I still have feelings for my ex girlfriend. I haven't talked to her much lately...but we're at least trying to be friends. I've been trying to tell myself that I need to move on from her, and let go, that it's best for me not to date her for now. And I guess I can handle that. But I'm so confused because even though I want to be with Ian, I want to be with a girl. And I don't want to tell him this (he hasn't answered my 'will you go out with me' question yet) because I've already done things like that in the past and I really want to change that. And I DO want to be with him. But at the same time I guess maybe I don't. I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO DO! Lately I've been telling myself that I just have to try, and accept the fact that I like a guy. Grrrrrrrrr. And I've been saying the same thing over and over here, haven't I? Please, someone, anyone, help me!!!!


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Ah yes that horrible feeling

where you get confused about which sex you should be with. It sucks, I know. I'm going to give you some advice a bunch of people have given me many, many times in the past: Evaluate your relationship with Ian. Would you be happier with him or with a girl?

If you really think you would be happier with a girl, try explaining that you weren't sure what you wanted when you asked him out.

If you would be happier with Ian, then go for it.

Another bit of advice I get a lot (especially from adults, which makes me tend to ignore it but it can come in handy sometimes) is that when you're young (yeah I hate being referred to as young too but hang in there), remember that a lot of relationships aren't going to last more than a few years at absolute best. I know that sounds cold and patronizing, but I've found that it's true and I'm still finding that out. Remembering that it won't last for a long time might help.

Once you figure out what you want, it'll get easier. Compare a relationship with Ian to a relationship with a girl and try to decide which one you think is better for you now. OK enough of my rambling, I'll leave you alone now.

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I was in the same situation a

I was in the same situation about a month ago, and i decided to just go for it. I realized that I really liked Steve, but i was all confused and freaked out about it because i had thought I only liked girls. I ended up taking the chance and telling him my feelings, and weve been dating for about a month now. I realized that i found my self thinking about him all the time and that i was attracted to him more for his personality than physically, and the more i started to think about it the more it seemed like a good idea and the fact that he was a guy really didnt make a difference. So, obviously i would say that if you think you really like him, go for it.