The Call

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And warm wet tears stream down my cheeks
My sad eyes sparkle from crying,
The area around them red.

My dry lips pout, and a thin breath of air escapes as
The sound of a sad and depressed sigh.
Your soft voice coos to me over the phone, it cracks.
I can tell you’re trying to stop your tears.
You’re so far away, so far from my welcoming arms
But when I heard your voice you’re
Close, you’re in my heart
Every word I memorize,
I will never forget you,
I will never let you go.
If I do, blood and tears will separate us.
If I give up, and crumble from the pressure
There will be two funerals.
I cant hurt you, but you hurt yourself
You don’t want to hurt me, but you do, and you don’t know it
Our skins are one, but I don’t know if you’ve figured that out yet
I love you
You love me
That’s the way it must be



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I. . .

I really liked this poem. :)

"Man it takes a silly girl
to lie about the dreams she has.
But lord, it takes a lonely one to wish
that she had never dreamt at all."