The Drive Home

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Driving around, tonight, in the fog. It's beautiful and scary. You can maybe see twenty feet in front of you. Everything is all hazy. The streetlights make everything orange. Like you are driving into a sunset. The leftover bits of a sunset. Those orange ones. Those red and orange sunsets. The farm lights are like little lighthouses guiding you home. And you know you've been here before. This is the same path you take every night. But it's different because it's all foggy and you can't see anything. So you forget you've been this way. All whole new journey and when you finally get home it's like you've returned from this long expedition. A wary traveler returning home. Cats are running about. Playing their own little secret games. Like little dock workers. Going about. Doing their jobs. You don't know what they are doing. But you know they are busy and hard at work. It's all a dream. So beautiful. This adventure. This is what adventure should be like. Mysterious. A mystery around every corner. You never know what's going to happen. This is what I want.

The drive home last night was the most wonderful dirve home ever.