The Friend

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She doesn't understand that I don't want to date her.
I just broke up with my recent girlfriend and know she
wants me to date her and I am just not going to do it.
I am not really ready to start dating again. I don't see why she doesnt
understand I know she isn't stupid she is my friend and I thought
it would be a safe outlet but I guess not I mean I guess
she is using the information I give her when I need
someone to take to to use it against me and that makes me mad
Who can I trust if I can't trust her.
She is my best friend what am I suppose to do sooner or later I am going
to have just be like look this is how it I just
broke up with Britney and I am not ready to date just yet
The only thing is I don't think I will every be ready to date her
simple cause she is a friend. Someone I only want to be my friend
nothing more nothing less thats all.


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Been there...

Except I was the friend. I didn't push it though, I dealt with the just friends thing. But for whatever reason, after senior year, right after graduation things changed. And me and my friend hooked up and couldn't be happier. For us, being friends first provided a solid base for a relationship and allows us to be more open with one another.

But, it is weird. Looking back at the way we were and comparing it to the way we are now, weirds me out immensely.

Good luck. Maybe you should just let her know why you wouldn't really consider dating her. Sure, it might make me angry or upset, but it would also get rid of the emotions you are going through and it would be honest.
~Lisa Faery~