the "gay touch"

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it started with me and my gf at skool.. when we came out they were all SHOCKED... then it seemed after a while... more and more ppl came out and almost all of them we came in contact with... you know... they were our friends at one time or another... lol..

we think that our undying love for gays has opened other ppl's minds and even went as far as them getting a lil curious as well...its almost like we've got the "gay toucH"... its like who we hang out with and influence magically... "turns gay" or maybe we're all just drawn to each other via gaydar... lol..

but there's a deal with my bf... when i first me him he swore up and down that he was straight... having tried it with a guy... he didnt like it... and my guy's pretty masculine, but after we dated fora good little while and not too long ago... he came out to ME as bi... *gasp*...

looks like ive turned another one...lmao


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I go to an all girls school, and the same thing happened. Magically, they come popping out of the closets. Its wonderful. Gay Love....mmmmmmmmm

Love is when you dont know why you like them but when they leave you're crying your heart out. I'm in love.