Tye Dye???????????

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So if people mostly just assume that if you wear rainbow stuff you're gay, why don't they assume that when people wear tye-dye? Isn't it basically the same thing????


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Haha I totally agree...one wo

Haha I totally agree...one would think so, right? I have a friend who associates all rainbow things with being gay, but whenever I think of buying something rainbow-related, she just doesn't make the connection. She isn't the brightest sometimes...haha.

*...and I still haven't found what I'm looking for...*

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tye-dye makes you a hippy

no a fag.

i personally LOVE tye-dye

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What I find funny is that I'v

What I find funny is that I've always loved rainbow stuff and have several clothes that are rainbow from before I knew that they can identify you as queer. hehe.
and yeah, tye-dye doesn't have to be rainbow, it's just two-three or more colours mixed in a crazy pattern.. I think I used to have one that was purple pink and white, for example.


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