we are so gonna make this work...lol

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ive never really been in a long distance relationship and right now being with my bf is really frustrating... i cant see him at all and im only confined to calling him... when he's off work....

i'm 15 years old and my bf's 19... he used to live and go to skool down here in new orleans until his friend's parents (the ppl he stayed with) found out how old i was.. they wouldnt let him see me anymore... what then happened was the unimaginable..

he moved back to alabama and a week later... i went up there to stay with him and his family.. i was so shocked my mom had let me... but hella thankful... we'd only been gooing out for four months before we made the move, but we knew we loved each other then... i'd stayed there for a week shy of 2 months and loved every minute of it..

the day before i left we cried so much together and talked about how we would miss holding each other and kissing and even now i still cry because i miss him so much... the soonest i can see him is in like 3-4 months over thanksgiving break..

we talk about how we're gonna marry one day... and we will... we are so gonna make this work... i love him too much to let it fail...



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. Hey, im not sure all what to say but, that you have my support all the way. And in the long run four years isn't going to matter much. :)
Love is a beautiful thing.
Con Amor- Gwyneth