What is true?

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I crawled into bed, pulled the covers up over us, spooned you, ran my hand through your hair and held you close to my body and

Cuddled with you like we did when first met we could do this for hours and fall back and forth into a deep sleep as time consumed us with no thought of the day outside, around us or world outside.

This was real.

This was what it was meant to be.

This was what I waited for.

This is the feeling I have been looking for.

This was you, this was us, and this was me.

I longed for the weekends when we would spend the night together, I would stay awake long after you feel asleep just to hear you breath,

Watch you dream. I dreamt of this as a younger man. It was now it was you.

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Great Poem

It reminded me of a girl I used to love. . .