what should I do?

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I just moved and haven't talked to my girlfriend in about 3 months now I am told that she is md at me but I don't know for sure. I haven't talked to anyone in my old town since I moved except my mom. I have talked to to people from a town near mine but they wouldn't know for sure. advice would be apriciated

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Some help

All I can say is once you get yourself settled, see what's going on with your girlfriend and if she's really mad at you. Don't go on hearsay alone.


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This is just me....

Well this is just me but i think that you should talk to her and say hi at least so that you can figure out what’s happening otherwise you wouldn’t want a dysfunctional relationship


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Not to be harsh...but if you

Not to be harsh...but if you haven't talked to her in three months...are you even still in a relationship? I'd be mad at you too, I guess.