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Hi kids,

Michael here, bringing you the latest from his crazy goings on in Portland. It's been a bizzarre couple of weeks, so let's get started....

The last post I posted (at least I think) was my Montreal post. I hope that you could all tell, Montreal was a wonderful trip for me, and apart from running out of money (when I came back home, I had $6 in my bank account), all was well and a good time was had by all. My boyfriend was at the airport to pick me up, and we had a great time...catching up on old business. ;) On the way back, I got to fly next to my friend Kevin, which was fun, so all was well on the flight back.

The Monday that I got home, I got a call from this one lady. When I heard the first part of her voicemail, saying who she was and that she was looking for me, I said, "Oh shit, it's collections. Those bastards, why can't they leave me alone?!" But as she went on, it clearly wasn't collections, but in fact, it happened to be the mother of my first ex here in Portland. She wanted to let me know that during the past week, he had passed away and that his funeral was going to be later in the week.

It wasn't really something I was expecting at all; I mean, the kid was just a year or two older than I. I had my suspicions that he took his own life, and at the funeral, they were confirmed. One could say that he had a lot of internal demons he was dealing with--all that said, he was always a sweet guy. He was an artist, and some of his best paintings were on display at the service. It was kinda creepy seeing this one painting there, however, because I remember admiring that the first time that we had met, and it soon was my favorite painting. *sigh*

So the funeral was depressing, but it was good for me to go to, because it gave me closure. But it makes the second funeral in a coule of months that I've been too, so I'm kinda wearing out on that gig.

In other news, I'm still gainfully unemployed, and the job hunt continues. Few things in this world make me feel so worthless as being unemployed and looking for a job. I have an interview at this sports bar today, so that should be interesting. In case you didn't know or have forgotten, I've been working as a waiter for the past two years. That's what I need to keep doing, because I make a shitload of money when I'm working (at least, compared to other college students). Wish me luck on that--Momma needs a job, and soon!

In other news...well...there's not a whole lot going on. I'm continuing to raise mischief throughout the summer, and having a good time doing it, so all in all, I'm ejoying my full summer. Weather has been OK, and the boyfriend and I are finding lots to do. I make him go out and have cocktails with me, and he makes me go on these God awful nature expeditions, so I'm getting out into the wilderness a little bit more than normal. I think he secretly likes torturing me. :-P

Wish I had more to write about, but we'll see what happens after this job interview. Keep sending me good vibes, and if I get this job (or a better one!), I'll buy us all a round of margaritas! Happy day to you all, and as always, be good and be nice, so you don't turn out like me. ;)



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Good luck with job hunting. Just makes you want to throw things doesn't it?

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