Women and coming out and other assorted ideas

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Is today Declare Your Love For A Woman Day? I've seen like three posts dedicated to the women that people love. Hmm. I would do a declaration, but I don't have a specific woman I can say I'm truly in love with right now. *fake cheery voice* I'm single, ladies! *laughs at self*

Anyway. Oh God, my first day at college was yesterday. I never thought I would say this, but I like math better than English. Probably because the English is all research and essays and crap that I'm not good at. I do FICTION, people, get with my program here! Lol. But no, and math is easy enough, seeing as how I've done most of it before (failed Algebra twice). And I met some people, three chicks and two guys. Fun stuff. I'm terrified still, because tomorrow is my second day and I dunno, it makes me nervous. I was late to math, so I'm going to leave earlier this time. It was great, I'm the youngest in both my classes since I'm 16, and people give me this look like, "Are you a midget or just really young?" It's hysterical. Everyone I met (amazingly!) is older than me -- the next youngest person is 21. Lol.

I almost came out to my brother today. He has this thing where he constantly puts down gay people and insults them and shit, and I was going to shut him up by saying, "Yo, look, I happen to be a lesbian!" But I didn't. He'd probably tell my dad and then I would be in serious troubles. He would kill me.

But eh. OK, gotta finish my math homework. 78 problems ....