AHH!! help!!For gay marriage

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i have a 3 pg. essay & i hav a bit of writer's block....i hav a 1 1/2 pg. down..*blink blink* yea yea i know....do it urself u jack@$$

soooo....what are some arguements that are "for gay marriges?"

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Hmm... well...

Hmm... well, I do remember seeing an article somewhere about gay marriage in a certain European country (the Netherlands, I think) not hurting "traditional marriage", but actually possibly helping it. I think I saw it on a gay news site somewhere, but here's a related MSN link:

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Okay, let's first of all adre

Okay, let's first of all adress the fact that I am not a good or articulate writer. Now that we've passed that, here's what I put in my essay:

Thomas Jefferson once wrote, "All men are created equal." Ever since then, the United States, i.e. the Supreme Court, has always tried to abide by this rule. However, regarding homosexual marriage, some people are willing to throw out this unofficial national motto. Some people believe that tradition is a good reason to prohibit gay marriage. However, if we always followed the traditions of society, slavery would continue to exist and women would still be treated inferior to men. It wold alson not be just to change the constitution (as anti-gay marriage supporters are trying to do) because it would be the first time that prejudice has been added to the Constituion. If one wants to uphold traditin, then they should not want to fill the Constitution with prejudice. Also, if homosexual marriage is not allowed, it would further the divide between heterosexuals and homosexuals which has become increasingly smaller over the past years.
Gays should also be allowed to marry to try to diffuse the fals preconceived image of a homosexual. Homosexuals are not perfect, buth they are not vile either; just like heterosexuals. However, the strain of a homosexual relationship has festered the later image because it is more difficult to maintain a relationhship. It is irresponsible to say that gays should not follow the format of traditional marriage. Gay marriage should allow for it to be learned that gays can regard marriage as highly as do heterosexuals. Also, it can be called necessary because gays are let off easier then heterosexuals. Lack of marriage allows a laxer committment arena. Gay marriage should not only be allowed but it should be common place for people, any two people to make a legal commitment to each other.

Okay, that's all I remember. Hope it helped.
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